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Shipping will be delayed till end of the year

Dear all,

Starting on 21/Oct/2018, due to some of our family members (wife and all kids) going overseas (China), we (just me) cannot maintain the next day (sometimes same day) shipping we have been doing so far, as I have a full time job to do Monday to Friday.


For now, the planned possible shipping time will be:

  • Monday or Tuesday (either one but not both) afternoon before 5pm;
  • Wednesday early morning (local Auspost staff agree to open for me at 6am coz she needs to come early too);
  • Thursday afternoon before 5pm;
  • Saturday morning.


So…it will still be “within two business days” as we promised on our eBay store.


Sorry for the inconvenience.



Edit: No, we are not divorcing, my wife just wanted to throw all kids to her mother so she can have some “me time”.



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