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Important Note before Checkout: By purchasing from Savier’s Toys, you understand that: 1) as a TF seller we cannot be responsible for any defect of the items we sell. 2) we WILL help you contact manufacturers for part replacement or repair matters, but our after-sale support cannot go beyond whatever extent the manufacturer offers to you. Different manufacturers have different degree of customer service quality, Savier’s Toys does not have influence/control on manufacturers; 3) unlike sellers in other industry, we do NOT have the rights to open the seal, inspect the items then still sell as MISB/new; nor can we import at $150 and sell for $299 (I mean Trypticon) like Kmart does, therefore we cannot bear all risks of product defect. Based on our price level, we do not have budget to cover product return either, our profit per item is usually lower than postage cost!!!; 4) we cannot be blamed as bring you disappointment. As a collector, you shall also understand: Transformers including Hasbro, Takara, the third party products and the fourth party (KO) products have shown certain degree of QC issues in the history. Being considered as collectable items does not change the fact that they are NOT perfect. You should be prepared to see paint fall-off, scratches, missing accessaries, broken parts, loose joints from any transformer toy you purchase, and also be prepared to handle the disappointment after finding them.