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After-sales for TFs is tricky, as a collector, you will require some level of patience and some basic DIY skills. Why? Because the issue will never be just the faulty toy in your hand right now, instead, you want to make sure that, hopefully, hundreds (if not thousands) of toys you already had as well as hundreds (if not thousands) of toys you are going to have in future will not bring headaches to you. Item faulty does happen, from 1 in every 20 in 3rd party toys for some brand to 1 in 200 in official ones.

Some of my own stories here:

I bought KFC (not) Blitzwing for myself a couple of months ago. The landing gear design is really unintuitive, so I broke it on the first try. I called Keith, who is the owner of Keith’ Fantasy Club. I told him it was my fault, I broke it. I am happy to pay for another landing gear if there are spare ones available. Keith sent me one for free.

I bought DX9 (not) Swoop. On the first time transformation, I found that hip-bone part consists of two parts (left and right), but mine got two left parts connecting together. So I contacted Mr. Luo, owner of the DX9. Due to the design of the toy, that particular part cannot be DIYed on easily. In the end, I received a free replacement.

I bought “Civil war dinosaur set” from Iron Factory, but two accessories are missing in the box. Solved.

I guess these are just part of our life as a TF collector.

For 3rd party TFs

Option 1: Facebook or their websites

Most of the 3rd party TF makers have a facebook account now. You can try to contact them via Facebook. Tell them the problem you have, either two left hands on each arm or missing tail fin in jet mode, etc. If the toy maker is active on their Facebook communication, then they will tell you what they are going to do. Usually, with photo proof, they will send you a correct part for you to DIY on. If they are not very active on Facebook (remember the Great Firewall), try email (not Gmail, remember the Great Firewall), Wechat, QQ or …

Option 2: Tell us

Let us know the issue and we will go through the Option 1 with toy makers for you. If we failed on their Facebook profiles or English websites, we usually can still find them in Chinese Weibo, Wechat or QQ.

For official toys

Official toys have no after-sales from our suppliers at all, but their faulty rate is really low. If it really happened, contact us we will have to solve it case-by-case.

What if the issue is more than just a missing part?

Some issues are big, a design issue that some redesign is needed to make the transformation functioning. In these cases, 3rd toy makers will usually fix it in the medium term, and release a fixed part or offer some solution for buyers. We can hope on that.

We never experienced redesign issues in official toys.

Some useful contacts:


Badcube | DX9 | FT | IF | KFC | MMC | MT | Perfect Effect | TFC | TW | UT | X-Transbots


Badcube | DX9 | FT | IF | KFC | MMC | MT | TFM | TW | UT | X-Transbots



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