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We will clean up unsettled preorder items before Xmas

Hi all

Thank you for choosing Savier’s Toys.

As for the Xmas shopping season coming, we will start going through all unsettled preorder (except the recent arrived ones) items in the past two years and release them from reservation so other people can purchase them.

You can find your existing preorder items at My Orders.

Please note this is not a strict enforcement.

If you are still interested in certain items but want to delay the settlement, please send us email at to let us know your reservation.

If you are trying to settle a preorder but find that item no longer has “balance payment” option, please also let us know and provide your deposit order number, we will still deduct your deposit from your purchase.



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Potentially interruption of store operation

Dear all

We would like to thank you for your support for our store.

Due to a health issue of an important family member, I have to fly overseas immediately.

Store will be closed from 23 Jul 2019.

At this stage, we will still import all your existing preorders to Australia. The actual import will not be delayed since I will be closer to my supplier in China anyway, however, the local posting will be delayed to next time store reopen.

Should you want to cancel your preorder, please send email to with your order number.

About communications (what works what won’t):

  1. Facebook group and Facebook messenger straightaway though some paid VPN solution can let me connect;
  2. Email is working:;
  3. Wechat is working, my id is just my mobile number 0434006411;
  4. is working since it is sent to;
  5. I still can access this website so I still can see all your reply on the site or product questions.

We apologise for the trouble.



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (including Chinese new year) and I am going away and Store will be closed for a month.

Dear all,


We would like to thank you for your support for the whole year 2018 and wish you for a happy life in 2019.


To the main point:

We will be closing from Xmas to the end of January. During the store close period, we will:

  1. still work with our suppliers to settle upcoming items;
  2. still update upcoming preorder items and accept preorder deposit;
  3. try to update our store computer system;
  4. (will) not accept new in-stock orders. If you check out without knowing we are closed, we will contact you via email to ask if you want refund or wait for late delivery.


For before Xmas orders and shipment:

We will stop processing orders at 10:00pm 23rd Dec 2018 (Sunday) and making 24th Dec 2018 (Monday) as our last shipping day before store close. All Friday night orders or Saturday morning orders will be posted on Monday instead of Saturday.


How to contact us:

During the store close period, you can contact us via:

  1. Email <>, we will check almost daily;
  2. Facebook group and messenger if my mobile phone roaming works, but not guaranteed;
  3. Wechat, if you really want to reach me (or even see my face): download from your app store and search my wechat id: “yoyoanyo”.


Once more, thank you very much for supporting Savier’s Toys! Merry Christmas and Happy new year.



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Shipping will be delayed till end of the year

Dear all,

Starting on 21/Oct/2018, due to some of our family members (wife and all kids) going overseas (China), we (just me) cannot maintain the next day (sometimes same day) shipping we have been doing so far, as I have a full time job to do Monday to Friday.


For now, the planned possible shipping time will be:

  • Monday or Tuesday (either one but not both) afternoon before 5pm;
  • Wednesday early morning (local Auspost staff agree to open for me at 6am coz she needs to come early too);
  • Thursday afternoon before 5pm;
  • Saturday morning.


So…it will still be “within two business days” as we promised on our eBay store.


Sorry for the inconvenience.



Edit: No, we are not divorcing, my wife just wanted to throw all kids to her mother so she can have some “me time”.