4th Party Transformers

Formerly “Unofficial” category, now changed to “4th Party Transformers”. Initially being a sarcasm name, now referring to non-Hasbro/Takara transformer makers who 1) not being afraid of establishing their own name; 2) not yet released at least one independent designed figure; 3) mainly producing knock-off (KO) toy figures after Hasbro/Takara/3rd Party toys; 4) at cheaper but not dirt cheap prices (usually 1/3 ~ 1/2 of original); 4) aiming to have same or even better quality than original products (good enough to be “collector grade”); 5) with minor design improvement on their products.

In here we do NOT sell 4th party toys by confusing buyers to believe they are genuine. Instead, we disclose them are KOs and only agree to sell them to adult collectors who may require certain features of the toys that are not present in original ones, such as being better proportions, better design improvement, better availability, cheaper for DIY/customization practicing etc.