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Introducing dual-layer transformer faction insignia stickers


I have imported some transformers faction stickers, like this:

It is A4 size, including many different types. The white area on the paper are white symbols can be used on dark/black toys. It also have transparent background and white background ones.

And this is dual layer stickers. Upper layer is what you use scissors to cut on and handle around. Lower layer is the actual symbol sticker what will reside on toys. Lower layer is already in perfect shape done by the factory.

Here are some what I tested on my own toys.

1. Shockwave before

2. pasted on

3. taking off the upper layers

4. continue taking off

5. closer look

6. final

7. MP shockwave uses transparent backgrounds; FT one uses white background.

8. some other toys


Price, $10
Mailing, envelopes nationwide $5.
So if you buy two, it will be $10 + $10 + $5.
They haven’t arrived yet, will update later.


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