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Potentially interruption of store operation

Dear all

We would like to thank you for your support for our store.

Due to a health issue of an important family member, my family is obligated to travel frequently for the rest of this year between Australia and China. While we will manage to always leave a family member in Melbourne to continue the store operation, this might not be possible all the time.

We might have to close the store from time to time for a short notice. The upcoming closure is for two weeks from 29th Jun 2019 to 13th Jul 2019.

At this stage, we will still import all your existing preorders to Australia. The actual import will not be delayed since I will be closer to my supplier in China anyway, however, the local posting will be delayed to next time store reopen.

Should you want to cancel your preorder, please send email to with your order number.

About communications (what works what won’t):

  1. Facebook group and Facebook messenger straightaway though some paid VPN solution can let me connect;
  2. Email is working:;
  3. Wechat is working, my id is just my mobile number 0434006411;
  4. is working since it is sent to;
  5. I still can access this website so I still can see all your reply on the site or product questions.

We apologise for the trouble.



3 thoughts on “Potentially interruption of store operation

  1. I am sorry to hear of your family’s troubles.
    May it all turn out well for you all.

    Neil Ryan

    1. Thank you!


  2. Hopefully everything works out. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family.

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