Hasbro Titans Return Siege on Cybertron box set


Including Leader Class Magnus Prime, Voyager Class Tidal Wave, Deluxe Class Metalhawk, Legend Class Pounce and headmaster Thunderwing. Indeed a good value box set!

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Brand: Hasbro

Material: Plastic

Alt mode: box set


Age: 8+

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Weight 1.60 kg
Dimensions 47 × 37 × 11 cm


  1. Store Admin (store manager)

    I kept one for myself, sold the Darkwing (Dreadwing?) head to one of my customers. Very good value box set, Magnus prime got better paint than Takara one in my opinion. Since it is hard to issue Metalhawk in form of “pretender”, this headmaster one can be a very good representation of him.

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