[Preorder] X2TOYS XT-010 VF Skycrusher


At least 5 different modes: robot mode (standard and heavy armor), the aircraft mode (speedy, assaulting and sniping), the half robot mode, defender mode and another half-robot sniping mode! 
The headwarrior can be placed in one of two cockpits in aircraft mode. When connected with Sky Crushers body the eyes will automatically light up! And the headwarrior can still be retained in the body during the transforming process. 
A reserved soldier figure will also be included in the XT010 set. You can place this little figure on the Sky Crusher when it’s transformed to the base mode. 
Diecast and high quality ABS used throughout this figure. 

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Brand: X2Toys

Material: ABS and die-cast

Height/Size: 25cm in robot mode

Age: 15+



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