Perfect Effect (PE) PC-17 LG-14 Ultra Magnus Cab Upgrade


Features: Giving Ultra Magnus a much better looking cab and transformable figure, but only 100% compatible with Takara version, with Hasbro version, you will see colour mismatch in white area, and paint mismatch on wheels, but overall still acceptable (extent of mismatch is really subjective). The joints of this figure are said to be improved from Ginrai cab. 
We have also imported small quantity of Takara Combiner War Ultra Mangus, in case someone needs it too.
Price adjusted upward by $2 compared with Ginrai Cab due to recent currency movement.  

Out of stock


Brand: Perfect Effect

Material: ABS

Alt mode: Ultra Magnus’ truck cab

Height/Size: 15cm in robot mode, roughly Deluxe size

Age: 15+

Additional information

Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 22 cm


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